A black screen appears after running

After the URP sample project is published, it runs with a black screen。

zCore Version 6.2.1
Unity Version 2020.3.40

Hi ant,

I’m unable to reproduce with the given details. Is the project completely fresh, or have there been adjustments to the project settings?

Alex S.

Update, I have reproduced on the older AIO model hardware. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll update here if any solutions are found, but for now I would recommend upgrading the project to Unity 2021 if possible.

Can you provide me with a demo using Unity 2021.3 URP?My email is 13732904631@163.com

Hi Alex,

I would like to ask if there is already a solution to this problem? After the URP sample project is published, I am also experiencing the same black screen problem. Here are the versions of unity and zCore I am using.

zCore Version 6.3.0
Unity Version 2021.3.21

I would be grateful if I could get a reply from you.


Hi Chihwei,

The problem described by the original poster was experienced in Unity3D version 2020.x. The proposed solution was to upgrade the project to version 2021 or newer. Since you are stating that the issue occurs for you in 2021, then it must be different somehow.

To confirm, are you experiencing this problem only on the AIO hardware, and not the Inspire?

Have you tested the sample project that is shared in this thread? What is experienced when running a build of that project?

Have you fully updated the machine’s System Software? What version is currently installed?

Alex S.

Your final question enlightened me. After I completely updated the system software of the machine, the black screen issue was successfully resolved, and the program can also run normally. Thank you very much.

No problem! :+1:

Alex S