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Greetings, and welcome to the Native|C++ sub-category! Discussion pertaining to the development of zSpace enabled apps through the Native SDK, low-level languages, and related frameworks can be found here.

When seeking answers, consider the following first

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Reporting potential bugs
Is stereo or tracking flat-out not working for you, or is something similarly problematic going on? Be sure to include as much technical information about your environment as possible.

  • Software Versions
    • Windows
    • zSpace Native SDK
    • zSpace System Software
    • graphics driver
  • Is the issue encountered by zSpace Control’s diagnostic tests?
  • Is there any relevant logging output?

Be advised, while we do welcome discussion regardless of the graphical or interactive frameworks that our Native SDK is utilized in combination with, zSpace staff may not have the requisite knowledge to help troubleshoot issues unique to the interplay between them.