Adjusting Near Clip Plane for just Stylus and UI?

Hi there. I’ve been working to get my Unity app to adjust the near clipping plane on the main zSpace camera to prevent models from rendering outside the comfort zone. However, since we have UI and the stylus using the same camera, these also get clipped.

With non-zSpace projects, I’d simply make a second camera and render everything on different layers. Having multiple zSpace cameras in the scene is definitely not straightforward, and we aren’t sure whether that’s supported. Are there any recommendations for adjusting the near clip plane differently for at least the Stylus and possibly the UI so that it can still be drawn when the rest of our 3d models are being culled?

Hi Tamlyn,

zCore’s ZCamera isn’t explicitly designed to accommodate compositing multiple passes. You’d probably need to make some amendments to ZCamera to do what you intend. If you intend to sell and distribute through our channels, be aware that we’re very picky about depth occlusion violations. Compositing like this could lead to such things rather quickly, so just be aware of this. If you’re open to alternative solutions to constraining your content within the comfort zone, I would recommend considering them. Some zSpace apps simply constrain models positionally from moving past certain depth thresholds. This could be much simpler to implement and would avoid the appearance of exposed back-face culling.

Alex S