Camera misplacement when playing

I am using the 5.0.0 plugin version with two cameras. When I am setting the ZCore component and the Cameras, the values are updated in the Stereo Camera section. Mi issue comes when I hit play or build and run the application, the left eye camera moves to a lower position yet it still looks to the center it was aiming initially.
To fix this I am using the following line in a separate controller to force the viewport:

core.SetViewportWorldTransform(camerasParent.position, camerasParent.rotation, 1);

(Being core the ZCore script reference)
This works, but it is a very ugly way of making it work as a workaround. Am I missing something?
The only other interaction with the ZCore is calling the portal mode, like this:


But according to the documentation, this should not affect the position of the camera itself.


Hi Fran,

I am unsure what could be causing the left eye camera to misbehave given the information available. Do the pre-supplied samples replicate this problematic behavior, or is this only experienced in the app you are developing? Could you explain some aspects of how you are handling the camera that may be different than what is demonstrated in the samples?

If you can share a sample Unity project the reproduces the issue, that will be the surest way for me to understand what is going on and provide you with an appropriate solution.

It has been a while since someone brought up our older zCore 5 package so I will have to refresh my memory a bit. Is there a reason that you aren’t using our newer zCore 6? Are you updating an older app?

Alex S

Hi Alex,

Sorry for the delay answering your reply.
My reason for using zCore 5 instead of 6 is because 5 offers a bigger FOV of the cameras and the entire project and tests were built around that.

The biggest difference between my custom scene and the samples in the zSpace folder is using the double camera set up, with a left eye camera with “Target Eye” set to “Left” and a right eye camera with “Target Eye” set to “Right”. Both cameras are child to an empty parent with its position/rotation/scale locked to the default values.

Due to NDA I can not share the contents of the project directly. I tried sharing a screenshot of the setup hierarchy here but I am not allowed either.


Hey Fran,

Sorry to say, but I can’t debug these kinds of issues for you without a project sample that reproduces it. You’re using an outdated plugin and, from the sounds of it, in a non-standard way.

The explanation that zCore 5 offers a wider FOV doesn’t make sense. On zSpace, the
FOV is a dynamically fixed function based on the user’s tracked head position relative to the display. The user’s head is the apex of the camera frustum and the four edges of the frustum must intersect the corners of the display/viewport. It’s impossible for the FOV to be wider or narrower than what those rules entail regardless of zCore version. If you’re trying to manually control the FOV in any way, then you’re entering completely novel territory and there isn’t much I can do to help you even with project samples to demonstrate the issues you’re having.

Alex S