Can zspace be displayed using a projector

We can use the zspace screen and special glasses to see the 3D effect. Can we use 3D projectors to put the image on the screen so that other people can wear glasses to see the 3D effect?Is there such a projection device

Hi there,

We personally haven’t experimented with this. Is your intention to have someone use the zSpace like normal, but also have a second stereo image projected for spectators? I know there are consumer-grade 3d projectors on the market. I wouldn’t expect our AIO models or FirePro and Quadro graphics cards to output to two quad-buffer displays simultaneously. If the projector accepts input types like side-by-side or checkerboard style stereo image input, then it might be possible. Again, we haven’t tested something like this, so you’ll be in uncharted territory.

Also, as I discovered helping out a developer in a prior thread, setting Windows to duplicate the main window on a secondary screen (without stereo) is also problematic. Somehow screen dimensions aren’t interpreted correctly in this configuration and causes problems.

Your best bet, if using Unity3D as your developer platform/engine of choice, will be to implement zView as this will allow you to replicate the app’s scene view on a secondary display in extended view.

Alex S.