Click the button in the ScrollView,The stylus ray dithers instantly, causing the button to fail to respond effectively to the ray click

In the test of the official case 06_Zpointer_MaxhitRadius, this phenomenon still appears. After modification, the Max Hit Radius, Curve Start Pivot and EndPoint Smooth Time values of Zsylus are 0.ClickTimeThesOld value is 0.8, and there is still the phenomenon that the stylus can’t respond effectively every time when clicking the button or continuously clicking the button, and instantaneous jitter at the end of the ray, which seriously affects the stylus operation experience.

I am unable to reproduce the issue under the circumstances you have described.

Are you describing a behavior in which the stylus beam jumps or twitches when a click is performed? If so, then it is unlikely that zCore is at fault, but rather the underlying tracking firmware. This is something we are unlikely to fix due to the cause being elusive.

If you believe that the cause has more to do with depth sorting issues arising from the Unity’s UI and raycasting against it, then I would recommend downloading our latest patch version, zCore6.0.2. In this latest version we have improved the sorting behavior in our ZGraphicRaycaster component.

I am using the latest version of Zcore6.0.2. After directly testing and clicking the button, I still feel that there is a problem with unstable rays when clicking multiple times. Maybe it is related to the hardware?