DllNotFoundException: zCoreUnity

Unity Version: 2019.4.33 (LTS)
zCore Version: 6.0.2

After importing the zSpace Core plugin and adjusting all of the player settings in the Unity Editor, I keep getting the following error when interacting with zSpace assets: DllNotFoundException: zCoreUnity

The error seems to be occurring whenever zProvider.State is initialized. The try catch block fails and throws that error. I have installed and reinstalled the plugin as well as restarted Unity multiple times. The error seems consistent. I can add zspace objects to a scene but that error always accompanies them.

Is this a known issue and does it have a solution? Should I continue development or will this prevent things from working at runtime?

Thank you

Hi Brad,

Which zSpace model are you running the Unity Editor on? Can you confirm for me where the dlls are located in your project?

Alex S.

Hi Alex,

If I’m understanding your question, I’m attempting to run one of the sample scenes: 02_BasicScene_WithZSpace which has the following default zSpace Assets: ZProvider, zFrame, zCameraRig, zEventSystem, zStylus, zMouse. The error is thrown even when adding zSpace assets to a new scene.

The dlls are nested as following:

Brad W.

Hi Brad,

Try keeping the assets in their original directory Assets/zSpace/

Also, please tell me what hardware model you are running on.

Hi Alex,

We’ve reproduced this behavior on the following devices:
MacBook Pro 2020 w/ i5 processor running macOS Big Sur v11.2.3
MacBook Pro 2021 w/ M1 Max processor running macOS Monterey v12.0.1

Both are running Unity 2019.4.33 and using zCore 6.0.2

We tried uninstalling zCore, restarting Unity, and reinstalling zCore in the default location. Simply loading up the sample scene throws the same DllNotFoundException: zCoreUnity error and throws it additionally 3 times when running the scene.

We followed the steps from this doc to set up the Project/Player settings to what are needed:

Since the error is persisting, we’re still looking for solutions.

Thank you,
Brad W.

Hey Brad,

Occasionally some testing is done against OSX, but we really do concentrate on Windows given our bandwidth. It’s possible that 6.0.2 may have issues with OSX. I’ll follow up again in the coming days when I have a moment to look into it.

Alex S.

Thank you Alex.

In the mean time, we will try and replicate our build and plugin install on Windows.