Getting old HP ZVR Virtual Reality Display to Work

So, I have just picked up an old HP ZVR Virtual Reality display and am trying to get it to work. I’ve installed the drivers from HP and downloaded additional software found on other sites. This gives me the ZSpace control panel ( I can see that the stylus and head tracking works, but the stereo output doesn’t. I know this is an old, end of life product but I’d like to get it working, even if I have to roll back OS version / GPU versions.

A few questions:

  1. Do I have the latest drivers / control panel for this model. Can they be made available even if the product is end of life.
  2. Do I have to use a NVidia driver that supports stereo? I’ve rolled back to the last one that does. Turned stereo on for the ZVR display.
  3. In the NVidia control panel I have the Enable stereoscopic 3D option ticked. It says under the 3D display type: 3D vision discoverer. Is this correct? If not, what should it say? Does this display require 3D vision support or does it use something else?
  4. Should I be using a specific Windows 10 build?
  5. I’ve read that GeForce cards only support full screen stereo. I’ve run the Unity scenes at full screen. Head tracking an stylus tracking work, but no stereo.
  6. I’ve run a test scene from another thread, but no stereo
  7. Do I need to connect the display using a specific displayport on my GPU for stereo - there are 3 displayports.
  8. Would getting an old Quadro M4000 card likely make this work? Would it make working with the display easier? e.g. windowed stereo?
  9. If I manage to get this working, can I develop with newer Unity SDKs or do I need something older.
  10. Is this display the same as a zSpace branded model.
  11. Are there any logs that would help diagnose the issue.

Once again, I know this display is past end of life, but I’m happy to set up a PC with the right specs to get it working. That should be possible. Please, any support would be really gratefully received.



Hi Max,

Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot of assistance that I can offer, but here are a couple answers.

GeForce cards probably won’t work. The graphics card needs support for what is called “quad buffered stereo”. When it comes to Nvidia, my understanding is that only their Quadro graphics line supports this capability. Otherwise AMD’s FirePro line is the other alternative and is what our AIO and laptop models contain. Even some AMD Radeon models might work, but would be limited to fullscreen only.

Finding a good driver is going to be hit-or-miss. Your best bet will be to say away from beta drivers. Typically WQHL drivers are what you will want since those are Microsoft certified.

Here is System Software 4.4.2 which is the latest I’m aware of for 200s.

The HP models are essentially the same as the zSpace 200 models, so information you find on 200s should apply to HPs as well.

As for newer Unity SDKs, no they won’t work for you. Stick with zCore 5.0. The old 200 model zSpace displays used to require a special initialization procedure to detect which stereo buffer belonged to the left or right eye. The newer SDKs no longer bother with this, so 200s would have a 50/50 chance of the left/right images not going to the correct eye.

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Thanks, as you say the key was moving to a Quadro - the old experiences demo now works. which is great.

I’m a bit confused as to how you purchase / get content. What are some really good examples that you can get that would work on the ZVR / A200?

Is the SDK left/right check something I could retrofit? Is it in the Unity script code or lower down the stack? Thanks Alex!