Head Rotation Stereo Disable

I am having an issue where rotating the glasses(head) the display for one eye is being disabled after around 15-25 degrees of rotation. If I rotate my head to the right, the left eye is disabled and the right eye is disabled if I rotate my head to the left. The threshold for shutoff is the same in both directions. I have repeated this issue in a fresh project and on multiple z300s. The issue occurs in editor (in preview window) and in build. Currently using the following:

Unity 2017.4
zCore Plugin Version 5.0
Runtime Version 4.0.2

Hi Garrison,

I believe what you’re experiencing is a bug encountered if near plane clipping is too short on the camera referenced by zCore. Let me know if increasing the near clip value clears up your issue.

Alex S.

It did fix the issue, thanks!