Help ! I download zspace sdk for unity at windows ,it has working while i import assets

this is info
Failed to initialize zSpace Core SDK: (RuntimeNotFound)

Failed to initialize global state. Disabling zCore GameObject

if you can answer me and you can send email for me
thanks very much

Hi there,

In order to narrow down what the issue might be, some additional information would be helpful.

What model zSpace do you have?

What versions of Windows, zSpace System Software, Unity, and zSpace Unity Plugin are you on?

my unity version is 5.6.2
zspace unitypackge is 4.0 core and 4.0 view

os is windows 7 now my compony need zspace develop soft,so i download sdk and emport unity but it hint don,t init
and i hav’t guide to learn zspace develop program
i’m a unity3d programer

For Unity versions 5.4 and later you’ll need to use the 5.0 version of the zCore plugin.

Read through this PDF for correct setup. Because you’re targeting Windows 7, pay special attention to the OpenGL details.