How can I preview the sample scene?

Hi,There is a zspace inspire laptop. I cant preview the 3d effect in unity`s game window(it just like the camera follow my head,but no 3D). and when I build the sample scene “02_Basescene_withzspace” to windows. it just show a black scene after the unity splash image.

Hello, Assuming that you simply made a new empty project, imported zCore, and built the sample, there should be no problem like the one you describe.

Have you tried to test other zSpace apps on the Inspire and what were the results? Did rendering and stereo work correctly?

Which version of Unity3D are you using?

Are you using Unity’s Built-in Render Pipelilne, or are you using URP (Universal Render Pipeline)?

Additionally, stereo does not yet work in the editor on Inspire. Previewing an app in stereo currently can only be done by building it.