How can I tell whether a computer is a zSpace300 or a zSpace laptop

  • How can I tell whether a computer is a zSpace300 or a zSpace laptop

If you’re using ZCore5, this should work.

var displaySize = zcoreInstance.GetDisplaySize();
if (displaySize.x <= 0.344f && displaySize.y <= 0.193f){
    // laptop model
    // models 300 or 200

Hello, Alex!Thank you very much for your continued help.I would also like to ask how to quickly transfer the project on the zSpace 300 to run on the zSpace laptop.My current approach is to resize the model and UI module by module, which is inefficient.I wonder if you have a more efficient conversion method.The performance of the Zspace notebook is not as good as that of the Zspace 300. I don’t know how to optimize this area.

Hi there,

The easiest way to compensate for the difference in display size is to adjust the “Viewer Scale”. That way you are adjusting the camera to fit the content, rather than fitting the content to the camera. The AIO display is 1.52 times larger than the laptop display. When you detect that your app is running on a laptop, multiply the viewer scale by 1.52 to make the content proportionally smaller. You will also need to do some minor repositioning of the camera at the same time that the viewer scale is adjusted.

There is no unique solution for optimizing performance on zSpace devices.
Some suggestions

  • disable Anti Aliasing or any other post-processing effects
  • disable shadows
  • minimize the number of lights
  • minimize the number of materials
  • use simpler materials (Unity’s mobile shaders are an option)
  • minimize the number of model vertices

Alex S.