How do I call the zView full screen button in Unity

I want to use code in Unity to control the full screen functionality on the zView window.

The zView SDKs do not currently support controlling zView Viewer’s fullscreen mode.

How do you set up the standard view and the enhanced view in code?Thank you very much!

If I understand correctly that your desire is to activate or switch between zView’s Standard and Augmented Reality modes, then the method calls in this snippet should be what you’re looking for.

IntPtr connection = _zView.GetCurrentActiveConnection();

// switch to Standard Mode
_zView.SetConnectionMode(connection, _zView.GetStandardMode());

// switch to Augmented Reality Mode
_zView.SetConnectionMode(connection, _zView.GetAugmentedRealityMode());

I recommend studying the example provided with the zView package for more detail.