How to use stereo effect in web?i only found unity and c++ api

build unity project in webgl?
and how about server side rendering? my current application is in the server side and i don’t want stereo window of this application is a seperate application…

i tried to change unity graph api from dx11 to opengles3, and then the program crashed. is the unity sdk don’t support the opengl?

Effort to support WebXR is currently in progress, but we do not yet publicly offer developer resources. There is no official date for when this will be available.

zSpace is a desktop system. OpenGL ES 3 is for mobile platforms and embedded systems, so I would not expect it to work.

OpenGL 3 should work.

We recommend dx11 because it is generally more stable.

is it not work with OpenGL4.5 ?
i tired create an empty 3d unity project, then switch to OpenGLCore and install zCore, but after i click run the unity was crashed.

I would strongly recommend using DX11. Not only is it more stable, but it will also be more future proof.

You may be able to support support OpenGL with older version of zCore and Unity, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you absolutely must use OpenGL for some reason.