Laptop vs AIO glasses

I currently have a zSpace laptop and a All In One sitting side by side. Today I was attempting to use the AIO glasses for the laptop and noticed that the stereoscopic effect was off, it seemed like both the 3D and tracking did not work properly, it would track my head but for example the Stylus beam looked off. I then attempted to used the Laptop glasses on the AIO and noticed a similar effect (although lower magnitude). Is this an expected result?

In addition is there a difference between the spectator glasses that come with the laptop vs the AIO, is there a difference in the polarized coatings on the two glasses or is it just in the tracking mechanism?

Thank you

Hi there,

I believe what you’re experiencing is a quirk where the polarized lenses are flipped left/right on the laptop’s glasses.
You should be able to confirm my assumption by wearing the AIO glasses upside-down while looking at the laptop, or vice-versa, to see if the issue is alleviated.
I can’t speak to the engineering decisions that arrived at this incompatibility.

Alex S.

Thanks Alex, the laptop glasses worked better with the AIO when flipped upside down, however the AIO glasses didn’t work well when flipped upside down for the laptop. It is an interesting quirk.