Latest Unity zSpace core

Hi folks,

When is realesed an updated zSpace core? Version 6.0 for instance compatible and tested with Unity 2019?

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We are always seeking to ensure that developers have up-to-date tools. As soon a new version is available, we’ll be broadcasting its availability on the developer website, to registered developer emails, and replying to similar inquiries such as this on the forum. When a new version is released, it can be safely assumed that it will work with 2019 versions of Unity3D.

你好,管理员大大,我发不出来话题,所以这里问个最近遇到的问题:zspace预制体在场景中漫游的时候,移动的是当前zspace预制体本身,当预制体的坐标值移动到稍微比较大的值的时候,比如500 1000等,zcanvs画布上的UI会出现抖动的情况,只要预制体的坐标值比较小的时候是正常的。这个问题是引擎本身的问题,还是我的开发设置有问题,急求。。。

A UI canvas that jitters is usually because of an improper order of operations. The proper order should be to update the camera’s transform, then the UI, then render. Perhaps your UI canvas is being moved before the camera is up to date for that frame.

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