Make UI elements fallow gameObjects in augmented reality mode?

Hey Alex… and the rest of the community,

I have a question that i imagine is going to have a complicated answer.

Is their a way i can make a UI element fallow a game object in the zview ar mode

for instance


if id like annotation a b c to fallow the game objects while i move them around, whats the best practice for doing that. i imagine that i need to overlay the image on the zview screen by converting the zviews world coordinated of the object being manipulated by the stylus into some kind of screen coord.

im not even sure if their is a way to make a canvas overlay for the zview ar camera.

any advice is appreciated

this is the script im using to make ui elements fallow world space gameobjects

you can try to change the canvas rendermodel to worldSpace.

Hey yuqiang,

i did try this and its sort of working however the text is still oriented to face the person using the zspace not the zview camera

id like the text to be oriented to face the green ar camera view

so i came up with a solution that sort of works.

i have a script that i attach to the ui element

and in it dose something like this

and it sort of works only problem is the ui element isn’t displayed in the AR view when the object is dragged outside the view window

any ideas on what to do here or if my solution is valid?

the green is just me scribbling out my companies logo