Missing Prefab in Unity learning documentation

I am currently trying out the tutorial provided to aid in using Zspace with unity. In it, it references a nonexistent prefab: CrosshairReticle. The documentation states to use it while modifying the survival shooter program to use the stylus, but it is not included in either the Survival shooter or Zcore assets.

Link to the documentation mentioned with the error located near the end of page fifty.

Either something is missing, or another set of files is needed and not mentioned.

Hi Madman,

The issue here appears to be that the curriculum is linking to the incorrect Survival Shooter project package. While the tutorial links to the original project on Unity’s asset store, there was an expanded package developed along-side the zSpace Curriculum. The expanded package we designed contains additional prefabs intended to highlight stylus implementation within survival shooter. Additionally, it also contains a namespaced completed version for zSpace like the original project did for standard PC implementation. I’m currently in the process of correcting the documentation with an updated link and hosting the correct project package on our CDN for download. In the mean-time, I’ve shared the correct one temporarily on google drive which you can download from the link below.

(I’ll edit this link to point to the CDN copy when it’s available)

Edit: The correct package is now live on our CDN and linked to at page 50 of the curriculum. For convenience, here are links to the updated document and the extended project package.


Apologies for the inconvenience,
Alex S.