New to zView: How to preset the Area captured by webcam

Hello Alex and Community,

I am new to zView and trying to understand how the technology works from the available APIs.
I am facing a tough challenge. My customers have zSpace Inspire Pro with zView webcam setup.

Every day they have to connect the webcam, position it, match 6 boxes as displayed during the setup. This is very tedious task and is not very easy for few people.

I was wondering, if we can record a “Good Position” of the webcam and then through script provide it to zView object in our custom build application as pre-defined values set.

I don’t know if its possible.
Any suggestions will be welcome.

Thanks and regards

The calibration is preserved when the zView app closes. As long as the position of the zSpace and the webcam do not change before zView is opened and used again, the user can skip calibration and continue to use the prior calibration.

If you’re saying the user wants to or needs to put away the webcam and bring it back out again for use, and they want the calibration process to be quicker, then no, we do not offer that.

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Hello Alex,
Thanks for the reply.
But we have this request coming from our clients. They conduct session with students in the morning and at the end of the day disconnect everything. This will be repeated frequently.

May be zSpace consider this requirement.

Thanks and Regards

Thanks for the feedback Gautam. We’ll keep this in mind for future improvements to zView.