Program with 2 or more displays

In case there are 2 or more dispalys connected to the graphic card, how to creat a correct viewport on the only zspace dispaly?
Is there anyone provide a sample to solve this problem? Thanks a lot!


What are the symptoms that you’re experiencing?

Is the problem encountered under extended display mode, mirrored, or both?

Which zSpace hardware model are you using?

Hi, Alex,

Currently, the desired first display can not be selected on the development enviorment with unity3D and Unity Plugin 5.0.
If there are 2 or more dispalys connected to zs 200, 330, etc, the image maybe lost or the 3D image is not showed on the desired display under the mirrored dispaly mode.
The development documents state several functions to get the number of displays, the properties of the dispaly, and so on. Therefore, I think that the desired dispaly can be selected with the desired parameters, and the viewport can be configured on the selected display.
If the desired display can be seleted, please let me know, or if you have such a example program , please send to me. Thanks a lot!


Hi Zhengdong,

The Unity3D plugin allows you to query display information, but you can’t set display information or pick displays with it. That functionality lies at an inaccessible level within the system software or the Native SDK that the Unity3D plugin is built on.

There was a bug in recent months due to Windows API changes. Mirrored display mode caused the wrong display to be chosen for calculating display dimensions. There’s a small possibility your issue is related. If it is, then updating to the latest zSpace System Software might help.

If you’re endeavoring to drive identical stereo images on multiple stereo displays at once, I can only stress that this isn’t expressly supported. Our ability to help troubleshoot this configuration will be limited.

Hi Alex,

As you point out, the bug should be caused by the changed Windows API for the mirrored display. But it can not solved by updating the lastest zSpace Syatem Software.
I hope this bug can be fixed in the near future and be noticed. Thank you very much!