Requirements for being a developer

What requirements are there to be a developer?

Hi Hunter,

There are no contractual requirements to developing for zSpace. Only the hardware and a certain level of technical expertise are required. Software and documentation resources are supplied at You are free to develop and independently distribute software for zSpace as you would be for a conventional Windows PC.

If you desire for your software to be sold and distributed through our App Manager and zCentral platforms, then that is a conversation we have on a case-by-case basis.

Alex S.

So I can create developments via zSpace laptop or AIO at home?


If there are any specific constraints that you are concerned you may encounter, feel free to voice them so that I may address them directly.

Ok, thank you for your help

Oh, there is one hardware constraint to be aware of. The current laptop model is underpowered and does not run Unity3D’s editor well. If you plan to use Unity3D or another moderately demanding game engine editor, it is highly recommended that you acquire an AIO model.

What if we create an app on a non-zspace device and want to install it on a zspace device? Will the app manager take care of that or what build settings are most appropriate?
Your reply stated that it is possible. Forgive me if there is a support doc already…at a current zspace training and I am making an app on Unity that I would like to share at the end of the training on an actual zspace device with zview.

zSpace is essentially just a windows pc. You can build, distribute, and run apps on it however you like. The only difference is that you need to use our sdk or unity packages to leverage the stereo display, head tracking, and stylus tracking capabilities of the machine.

All documentation is located here.