Sample file not rendering in 3D

I installed the sdk for zspace 200. However when i build the CameraNavigationSamples scene in the zspace folder and use “-vrmode stereo” on the executable down below is what my scene looks like.

It only reacts to the glasses but isn’t 3D it only uses 1 camera. The stylus doesn’t do anything at all. I read the docs and googled alot but couldn’t find any beginner tutorials on how to use zspace.

We’ll need a little more information to narrow down what might be missing.

What OS is your zSpace on? If it’s on Windows 7, do you have Unity targeting OpenGLCore as the graphics API?

What version of Unity are you using, and what version of the zCore plugin have you imported?

In “Player Settings” do you have have “Virtual Reality Support” set to “Stereo Display (non-head mounted)”?

There’s more we can look into but let’s get these out of the way first.

One thing you could try right away is deleting the main camera in the sample scene and replacing it. The samples go through Unity’s update process when imported into the latest versions of Unity and the cameras will consistently break.