Secondary Monitor in duplication mode cause distortion of rendered objects

Hello everyone! I came across a problem recently while using a secondary monitor in duplication mode to duplicate the images of the zSpace monitor (I know it can be done with zView, but the users of our application consider it not intuitive). When a secondary monitor is connected and set the mode to the extension, all objects in the scene are rendered normally. But when the mode is set to duplication and restart the application, the scene is rendered weirdly. All 3D objects in the scene seem distorted and the initial position of the camera is quite far away from where it should be.
If I set the mode to extension, then start the application, everything is normal. And if I switch the mode to duplication without restarting the application, everything stays normal. Weirdly.
I looked into the codes and found that the frustum of the stereo camera is quite different in the two modes. I believe it has something to do with the display initialization. But I have no idea how to fix it.
Can anybody help me?

Hi Haoyu,

We have recently become aware of the issue you’re experiencing and are planning to release a fix. The issue lies deeper than the Unity3D ZCore plugin layer, and can’t be worked around from there.

The cause relates to how zSpace calculates tracking. Physical display dimensions are figured into these calculations. When displays are set to mirrored, the secondary display’s dimensions are mistaken for the stereo display’s dimensions and result in incorrect tracking data.

A fix is presently underway. As soon as it becomes available, I’ll reply again to this thread.

Alex S.