Secondary monitor resolution causes mouse/stylus offset in Unity GUI elements

Good morning. I have tracked down an issue that has been causing some issue for our clients using our programs with zView. To clarify, though, the issue does not have to do with zView. It was just that when clients wanted to use zView, they connected a secondary monitor to their zSpace and the below issues presented themselves in the zSpace 3D application on the zSpace display.

When I attach a TV, in this case a 4k TV, to my zSpace via an HDMI, we are seeing an offset in our GUI between the mouse icon and the rendered stylus. In 3D space, the interaction with the stylus and 3D objects is functioning as normal, no offset. But all Unity GUI interactions have an offset based on the resolution of the TV. This offset shows up more prominently on the right hand side of the zSpace screen. In 4K resolution on the secondary display, the Stylus is about 8 inches offset horizontally from the mouse and 3-4 inches vertically on the zSpace display . When I set the secondary display to 1080, the offset reduces to about 3-4 inches horizontally from the mouse. If I set the secondary display to 720, there is zero offset and the stylus and mouse stay aligned.

The one exception to this finding is with a PC monitor. When I connect an LG IPS LED 3D monitor to our zSpace, I am able to set the resolution to 1080 and I do not see the offset in the GUI. However, when I close the application, the PC monitor switches from 60 hertz to 30 hertz and blanks its image since it has gone out of range of the display. I believe this to be a separate issue, but I wanted to mention it since it seems the zSpace machine handles a PC monitor differently than a TV.

In our tests, we were using a program we created using Unity 5.3.6f1, zCore 4.0.0 and a ZSPACE300 model, fully updated with both Windows 10, zSpace Drivers/Apps and video drivers. Alex, if you want me to send you a version of the program I am using with a trial license to see if you can reproduce this issue, I would be happy to do so. I can email that to you directly.

Have you guys ever seen this issue? The program we are using starts up with a full screen GUI element, so it really showcases the offset as you move the stylus from left to right. If you need more information, let me know.

I haven’t personally experienced this. Asking around, it sounds like it could have something to do with display scaling getting set to something other than 100% when the 4k is connected. That’s the first place I’d look. I have a 4k at my disposal, so feel free to shoot me the app or unity scene presenting the issue and I’ll look into it.

Display scale does appear to be causing the offset. I tested based off your suggestion and found that the display auto selected 150%. On this setting, the offset is present. If I do nothing else but change that value to 100%, the offset goes away and the stylus and mouse track as expected. Thanks, Alex!

Thanks for letting us know that worked out!
I tested this with the basic package samples and came up with similar results. We’ve been aware of some issues with non-100% display scales that will have to be addressed in our software. For now, we recommend sticking with 100% until we can address the issue in future releases.