Slice3D and Zspace for medical analysis

Hello, I would like to know how can we associate/link Slicer3D software( and Unity3D for medical analysis.We would like for example to view the MRML scene of Slicer (containing somes VTK files) into Unity and then update (real time system) it when some processings is done on Slicer3D.Slicer3D have a lot of features for medical analysis (like segmentation,placing electrode and so on …) that I would like to not reimplement them.

Thank for the anwsers.

Hi David,

As far as I know, there are no publicly available resources that allow you to easily import Slicer3D’s MRML format into Unity3D. There may be some open source projects out there that can help you view DICOM or other volumetric data, but it is likely that you would be building most of your project from scratch.

I am fairly certain of that assessment, but since I’m not expertly familiar with volumetric modeling, I suggest seeking more authoritative answers on Slicer’s own community forum.

You may also want to consult resources for VTK since Slicer is built on top of it.

Also, please be aware that if your goal is to view volumetric data on a zSpace device, then performance will be of paramount importance. Most volumetric renderers are event driven and only redraw the 3d image when the camera view or 3d data changes. However, zSpace requires a constant redraw of the scene at 40fps or better to ensure that the head tracked stereo doesn’t incur any discomfort or even nausea.