Stylus is ray is not visible in a scene

In my project there are three scenes it is a standalone application. now I am converting the app to Zspace application. scene 1 and 2 has been converted successfully and UI’s are responding for the stylus ray, In scene three there are multiple camera’s so I have disabled every camera and enabled Zcamera and assigned the same camera to all the worldspace canvas. when I am using mouse third scene alone has two mouse cursors one is default standalone cursor and one is Zmouse cursor which appears only in the build not in the Editor mouse and when I am using stylus in the build the stylus ray is not visible 3rd scene of the build.

Hi Jeykamalesh,

This is not a common issue that I am aware of and your description of the scene does not suggest any potential causes. Sharing with us a sample project demonstrating the issue might be best.

Alex S.