Support ZSpace through VRPN


I’ve read the other forum post about supporting ZSpace through VRPN, and I am also interested. I see that no one responded to the older post, so I am here following up. Is there a guide, or information anywhere on how to fully support ZSpace through a VRPN server? If not, could I ask for guidance on the steps that are necessary?


Hi Evan,

We did support VRPN in the past, but that was quite some time ago. At the time of the prior thread you found, I managed to at least find a pre-built binary. You can try it out here if you like.

I corresponded with that individual a bit farther trying to get it working for him but never received affirmative confirmation that it worked completely in the end. He most likely ran into compatibility breaks between newer versions of VRPN and the version this download was built against.

If you’re lucky, it might work for you, but its by no means supported by us at the moment.
Be sure to scan through the .cfg file during troubleshooting if you do decide to try it out.
zSpace relevant trackers should already be un-commented in it.

Alternatively, our Native SDK supplies everything needed to push tracking data if it were to be combined with the latest VRPN source code. There’s more upfront effort in this approach, but it’s more likely to be successful.

Alex S.

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Alex, Thanks for your reply!