Switch to 2D display when no glasses are detected

Hi Alex
When zSpace can’t detect the glasses, it automatically switches to a 2D view,But the image is tilted.
In the zSpace program, I found that when the glasses are not detected, the image automatically changes to the normal Angle.How do I implement this?

Hi there,

The tilt you describe is a default head pose, but the particular angle it rests at is actually a holdover from the older 100 model zSpace systems. That model used to rest at a more shallow angle than the newer 300 or laptop models of today which have more vertically oriented displays.

Its true that some of our apps have hacked around this shortcoming in our current Unity plugin. We’re working hard to publicly release a new plugin version that resolves this issue among others.

At the moment I can only ask for patience as we work to release the new plugin.

Alex S.