The camera problem

Hello, I am developing a driving simulation application using unity. But I found that there are some angles between the camera and the Viewport. Although I have implemented camera follow and deflection by set the position and rotation of the Viewport,But I found that if the terrain and trees were out of camera range, they wouldn’t show, and if the camera was pointed at them then the viewport position wasn’t what I wanted.In addition to this, I had another problem. If I set Graphics quality to high or better, Ghosting would occur, so I would have a dizzy feeling.I tried to look for the problem and found that it was caused by anti-aliasing.
I have been using unity for a short time. Do you have any good Suggestions?thank you.

I’m not sure I fully understand your situation, but I’ll do my best to offer advice.

When beginning development for zSpace in Unity3D, its important to understand that pointing the camera doesn’t behave like it would normally. Instead, you should use ZCore.SetViewportWorldTransform(). At run-time, the camera can be in many positions because it’s influenced by the user’s head tracking. The viewport on the other hand is static.

Trees disappearing is likely a result of occlusion culling. Either turn culling off, or modify the script in this thread to mimic zCore’s internal center camera and use that instead of the main camera to drive occlusion culling.

If Anti Aliasing is causing problems, then there aren’t many paths to solving it beyond disabling it. It can be disabled for each individual quality setting, so you shouldn’t have to avoid high quality settings entirely. If you desire Anti Aliasing, we’ve had the best luck performance-wise with FXAA.