Tracking distance on the zSpace AIO

We have been developing an application based on zSpace AIO as project for customer and also would like to know max tracking distance with 3D Eyewear and stylus on the zSpace AIO.

Would you please let me know how far 3D content can be tracked on the zSpace? I heard that max distance is 2ft. Is that right?

Kevin Kang

Hi Kevin,

2ft is a reasonable estimate, but it’s important that this number be regarded in a wider context.

Ambient lighting conditions of the room that the zSpace is in plays a significant role. If the zSpace is in a room with dim and diffuse lighting, then tracking will be most forgiving. If it’s in a strongly lit room, there’s sunlight, or bulbs are within view of the tracking cameras, then tracking range will be more limited.

Also be aware that “max distance” only describes one dimension for a set of input devices that have 6 degrees of freedom. The glasses may track fine 2 feet away from the display’s exact center, but tracking is more likely to become intermittent or lost as the glasses diverge from a centered and perpendicular orientation relative to the display.

Tracking characteristics also differ widely between the glasses and the stylus. The glasses rely on five tracking dots, but the stylus relies on two tracking dots and also a gyroscope. Both fare differently given a particular position and orientation.

To summarize, if you had to pick a simple one-dimensional measurement to describe the extent of zSpace’s tracking boundary, 2ft is probably fine. Just be aware that zSpace tracking extents are much more complex than a customer or client can be led to believe by a single number.

Alex S.

Thanks for your support. It should be very helpful.

Kevin Kang.