Turn zCore6.0 zCore6.1.2

The original zCore6.0 project wants to run on the Inspire notebook, directly replace the zCore6.1.2 on the notebook, Inspire UI and model can not directly adapt to the size, how to adjust

Hello there,

I am not certain that I understand your issue fully. If you can be more detailed in your description of the issue, then I can probably be more helpful. I will try to help regardless.

For all versions of zCore 6, there is a concept of Display Scale which is zCoreā€™s built-in concept for compensating between the different display sizes of zSpace systems. You can read more about it at the following link.


Essentially, you must understand that there is a difference between the display scale during development in the editor, and the scale at run-time in a standalone build.

If your UI is aligned to the display plane, then be sure to use the ZCanvasScaler.

This last point is probably unrelated to your issue, but if you are currently using zCore 6.1.2, and you are using the Unity editor directly on Inspire systems, then I would strongly advise upgrading to zCore 6.2.1. This newer version works better when running the editor on Inspire.

Here is a direct link to zCore 6.2.1