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How do we get ui objects to render over the top of our models?

Render layers are not working

Hey Haasxr,

Firstly, I strongly encourage you to not draw UI on top of 3d models regardless of depth. This violates our recommended best practices when dealing with depth. Objects that are spatially perceived to be at a deeper depth should never occlude objects at shallower depths. This is a primary culprit for discomfort in users that are less tolerant of stereo disruption. I understand that this can be a significant constraint depending on what you desire to achieve, but we do feel strongly about this point and the potential for it to make or break a quality stereo experience.

That being said, if you insist on disregarding stereo occlusion, you may have to adjust the UI shaders to affect the “render queue”. Here is a link to a pre-existing thread on Unity’s forums that describes a few solutions. The top post describing a solution employing separate cameras for the UI will not work in conjunction with zCore, but the proceeding solutions written farther down should work.

Alex S

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