UI element - Canvas

I have created a UI in photoshop that I want to set as the background of my Zspace application and also want the same Background to be visible in Zview.

If someone could help me out in this it would be great.


Hi nishitparikh27,

ZView isn’t designed to show standard Unity3D UI elements, so you would likely have to modify how the scene is drawn to the ZView display, or otherwise represent the UI with mesh renderers.

I have some concerns about your intention to set your UI as the “background”. UI in zSpace apps typically rest at zero parallax, or in other words the viewport/display plane. This way the UI will be naturally locked in place relative to the display and not move or become obscured by users looking at the scene from a different perspective.

If by background you mean a visual feature that is infinitely far away, like a skybox, then I would recommend taking a look at our documentation titled Mixed Reality Essentials. Here you can become familiar with the terms Coupled and Decoupled Zones. I would strongly recommend abiding by these zones to ensure that users have a comfortable visual experience in zSpace stereo. Skyboxes and other infinitely distant objects with distinctive visual detail should be avoided as much as possible.

Alex S.

I need to set it up like the demo application available(VR Automotive Expert by GTAFE)

How do I make clickable buttons that can be interacted by the stylus.

If you could help me out to set up the zero parallax plane and Buttons then it would be great.


When it comes to UI, there aren’t any pre-made solutions currently available, but you can search some of the threads on this forum for guidance.

To situate content relative to the zero parallax plane, I recommend experimenting with the GetViewportWorldCenter() and SetViewportWorldTransform() functions.

Alex S.