Unity Multi-display the second camera show nothing, is black

I want to render different things using different cameras to different monitors. Main Camera is Stereo Camera to ZSpace display(VR views). other cameras is

The Unity Setting likes this:

  1. Camera that is you VR camera (eyes): Target Display = Display 1 > Target Eye = BOTH

  2. Second camera (for desktop monitor): Target Display = Display 2 > Target Eye = None (Main Display)

It works well in normal computer (no vr effects), like this:(right is main camera)

broken image

But it works wrong when run in ZSpace. Maincamera is ok(the right one), other cameras show nothing(left one):

broken image

How to solve this problem, or can i use other ways to have this effect? VERY urgent

As far as I know, rendering a secondary monitor in addition to a stereo display is something that Unity3D can’t do yet.

Depending on what you’re intending to draw on the secondary screen, an alternative option may be to run a second app on the same system that networks to the first app.