Unity Post-process may make the UI effects worse

Cause World Space is the render mode in canvas we choose, Unity Post-process may make the UI effects worse.Here’s details below:

This two pictures are using Unity Post-process.You can see the UI effects is bad and the texts show not clear.

This picture is not using Unity Post-process.The UI is ok.

Hi zjc,

This is expected due to the UI being drawn within the scene rather than on top of it afterwards. This means post process effects end up being applied to the UI as well. This is a common issue not only for zSpace but for HMD platforms as well. I don’t have any examples of how to solve this, but I’m sure it can be done with enough expertise and effort. I would recommend searching through Unity’s forums for HMD developers that are encountering the same issue. Solutions for HMDs should be applicable to zSpace as well with minor modifications.

Alex S.

Hi Alex,
Thank you for your reply.
I tried to add two cameras to ZCamera and set their culling mask to UI. For the LeftCamera and RightCamera, I removed UI from culling mask. Also I added some process with these new cameras in zCore scripts. In this situation, UI wound not damage by post process. But the size, hierarchy and position was not correct .

I had searched through Unity’s forums and Oculus’ forums with the same issue. And I found that Oculus has recommended to forgo using post-processing at all as it’s not a great fit for the graphics hardware due to the multiple resolves they incur.
For the details you can see blow:

Hi zjc,

Yes, Oculus developers telling people to not use post process effects is expected. The Oculus Quest hardware is not very powerful and post processes are expensive.

Another suggestion would be to expand your search to other developers trying to apply post-process effects to specific objects/layers and not specifically world-space UI. The principal should be the same either way. For example…

Unity’s post-process effects are designed to be applied to the whole scene, and unfortunately UI must be a part of the scene for zSpace and other VR platforms. Unless you are highly familiar with Unity’s render pipeline and are capable of writing your own effects/shaders, it is unlikely that you will be able to achieve what you intend in an efficient and timely manner.

Keep in mind that post processes are expensive and may not be worth it in the end anyways. zSpace systems don’t have particularly high-end graphics cards and rendering is already expensive due to drawing the scene twice, once for each eye. Post-processes will quickly expend your performance budget.

Alex S.