Unity UI Button Interaction

I am work with zspace application. I can’t able to click Unity UI button both with stylus and also with mouse click in preview window.please suggest me how to work with UI in zspace . Thank You

Hi Sreehari,

I must admit that UI considerations are lacking in the current zCore package. Mouse interaction is the easier one to get working at first. You can see an explanation in this prior thread. Once you have that solution in place, then the easiest way to get stylus input working is to enable mouse emulation in zCore’s inspector fields.

Mouse emulation for stylus isn’t ideal and has its limitations, but its the quickest solution for now. Ideally, stylus UI interaction should be implemented by extending Unity’s StandaloneInputModule. We’re working to bring internal solutions that employ this approach to the public, but it isn’t ready quite yet. As soon as we have a publicly available implementation, I’ll be revisiting related threads like this one to announce its availability.

Alex S.

你好,管理员大,我发不出来,所以问个最近的问题:这里预制体在场景中出来的时候,移动是当前空间预制体,当预制体坐标值移动到比较大的值的时候,比如500 1000等,zcanvs画布上的UI会出现年轻的情况,只要预制体的坐标值比较什么时候是正常的。问题是引擎制造的问题,还是我的开发设置有问题,急求。。。

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