Using the zSpace with the Unity Scriptable Render Pipeline

I was attempting to use the zSpace with the new Unity Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP), and was unsuccessful. It seems that when I did a standalone build with the SRP is enabled in the GraphicsSettings menu, the display is mono, but if I remove it then I would get a stereo build. I’m not really sure how the connection between unity and the actual device SDK is done, so I was wondering if this is even possible with the current versions of unity and the unity SDK. I didn’t see anything in the zCore C# scripts that would connect the stereo dsipaly (non head mounted) with the camera, and spent a few hours googling without finding much information either. (It works in preview mode, but that seems to be a completely separate pathway).

Has anyone tried this, or is it even possible right now?


Hi Jon,

We, at zSpace, haven’t had time to seriously dig into SRP yet. It certainly seems promising for a range of reasons, and should be possible to integrate with zSpace. As you’ve discovered, they’re not working together out-of-the-box right now. Chances are, you’ll have to customize zCore for this to work.

Unity stopped supporting quad-buffer stereo in their game view window around version 5.4. That’s why we provide our own special preview window that does it’s own thing.

If you’re really going to dig into SRP, I’d start looking at ZCore.UpdateCamera() to get a sense of how we handle the stereo that is used in actual builds. Essentially, we use Unity’s built-in stereo camera and apply our own frustum and view matrices that we compute from the incoming tracking data.

You’re in uncharted territory, but if you’re ambitious enough to tackle it, more power to you. We’d love to hear how it goes! :smiley:
Feel free to use us as a resource as you tackle it and we’ll do our best to shed light on any zSpace specifics.

Alex S.

Thank you very much. The reason that I was attempting to go with SRP was that I was receiving frequent crashes in the unity render loop and couldn’t figure out why. I finally found out the element that was causing the crashes (for some reason Unity terrain was causing the crash, disabling the terrain and it would work, enable it and it would crash). I’m going to rework my scenes to avoid unity terrain.