VRPN Issue, tracking and Stylus don't work

Hello everyone,

it’s my first post here, so i make a little presentation of MySelf, Im Samuele Pozzobon, Technical Specialist of a little startup here in Italy and fall in love with zSpace Technology, im not a Developer, i can understand but im more on understand what customer need and learn what zSpace can or can’t do, try, experiment and ect…

So in the last day i made a contact with Techvitz, that make some years ago a third software for use Catia Engineering models with zSpace Experience, they use zSpace 200 at that time.
Now we are try on zSpace AIO PRO, and discover some issue, developer of Techvitz think the problem is in this part of code.

Tracking configuration: VRPN

vrpn port=3883
vrpn\number of devices=2
vrpn\0\device name=Glasses0@localhost
vrpn\1\device name=Stylus0@localhost

Head configuration

number of head=1
head\0\device num=0
head\0\device type=vrpn

Head avatar


Wand configuration

number of wand=1
wand\0\button mapping=ZspaceStylus

wand positioning

wand\0\device num=1
wand\0\device type=vrpn

The issue is that Tracking of glasses and stylus do not work, stylus do not work at all, can’t see any beam or any interaction, glasses only work 3d view and very little interaction when moving head (small degree change on postion of 3d model).

Please, can someon help us?

Thank you very much,

Samuele Pozzobon

Hi Spozzobon,

It’s always great to hear from a fan of our tech!

Unfortunately, we have given VRPN implementations very little attention over the past few years, so our knowledge is limited.

From what I know, there have been breaking changes in newer versions of the VRPN protocol between now and the time we wrote a server to broadcast our tracking data. If you’re using the solution we wrote all that time ago, then the problem could likely be that it’s outdated and not compatible with either newer versions of VRPN or our own system software.

Have you verified that Catia is not receiving the stylus tracking data at all? Or is it a possibility that the tracking is being received, but not displayed properly?

Your description of head tracking behavior leads me to believe that tracking information is not correctly applied to the camera. Without understanding how this is implemented, I’m afraid there’s not much advice that I can provide.

If you can walk me through how you’re manipulating the camera according to the tracking data, perhaps I can offer more guidance.

Alex S.