XR Plugin Manager & XR Interaction toolkit

Hi all,
any ideas when zSpace will be moving to the new plugin manager? …also, any thoughts on integrating elements of the Unity XR Interaction toolkit with a future release?


Hi Ryan,

It is being worked on. zCore has so far been reliant on Unity’s older XR path, which included built-in support for non-hmd stereo. As of Unity3D 2020 that support has been deprecated which means it is necessary for us to build a custom non-hmd stereo implementation on top of their newer XR Management system.

I can’t give an estimate on when the next version of zCore will be released just yet. If you have any tentative plans to begin developing a new zSpace app, I would recommend targeting Unity 2018-2019 and zCore6 for now.

We are aware of Unity’s interaction toolkit and would love to support/borrow features that would work equally well on zSpace. For now, we’re focusing on the fundamentals of migrating to the new XR Management, but will keep the toolkit in mind.

Alex S.

Thx Alex - will look at a 2019 version with LTS!

Talking about integrations , are you planning to integrate XR with one of the famous employee monitoring software?

There are no such plans.

is this supported in 6.2 version of zCore for 2017~2021?

Hi Wujingyi38,

We have decided to take a different approach to supporting Unity 2020 or newer. The new zCore 6.2 mostly resembles our older zCore 6 versions, but implements a new render output path that compensates for Unity’s lack of quad buffered stereo support and also adds new built-in render support for our Inspire laptop’s active stereo display. This was a simpler and more flexible option for us than adapting to Unity’s XR Management system. Since this solution sufficiently supports zSpace on new Unity versions, we have no plans to revisit Unity’s XR Management system for the foreseeable future.