ZCoreUnity.dll Error in editor mode

We are using ZSpace Inspire laptop for the development.
After Installation of ZCore plugin (zCore-6.3.1-Unity2018.4.23)
In the first attempt the ZCamera and 3D view of model is working in editor
But the moment you reopen the project or ReImportAll from unity
the following error starts appering in console.

[zCoreUnity.dll] zcuInitialize : Failed to set application window handle on new zCore native plugin context instance because application window handle is null
UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)
zSpace.Core.Interop.ZPlugin:LoggerCallback (int,string) (at Assets/zSpace/Core/Scripts/Interop/ZPlugin.cs:1660)
zSpace.Core.Sdk.ZContext:.ctor () (at Assets/zSpace/Core/Scripts/Sdk/ZContext.cs:30)
zSpace.Core.ZProvider/State:.ctor () (at Assets/zSpace/Core/Scripts/ZProvider.State.cs:42)
zSpace.Core.ZProvider/State:get_Instance () (at Assets/zSpace/Core/Scripts/ZProvider.State.cs:98)
zSpace.Core.ZProvider:get_IsInitialized () (at Assets/zSpace/Core/Scripts/ZProvider.cs:152)
zSpace.Core.ZProvider:Update () (at Assets/zSpace/Core/Scripts/ZProvider.cs:107)
zSpace.Core.ZProvider:Awake () (at Assets/zSpace/Core/Scripts/ZProvider.cs:81)

And after the error appears the 3D view of model is not working in editor and also the stylus is not working in editor mode.
Both are working in the build mode
This issue is not in the previous version of ZCore plugin

3D stereo has never worked in the editor on the Inspire laptop. The lenticular layer of the display panel may activate, but its only going to render one camera in the editor game view window. You’ll have to build it to see the app in stereo.

The error you’re seeing commonly shows up when code is refreshed in the editor, but I can assure you that it is benign and unrelated to the other difficulties you’re experiencing.

The stylus is a separate issue. It can sometimes happen after the Inspire wakes up from sleep. To get it working again, try hitting the restart button in the zSpace system software diagnostic tool that should be present in the system tray. If that doesn’t work after a few tries, try a system restart.