Zprovider reference resolution

Hello everyone,
we are setting our application to be installed and use only in z space inspire laptop which has the resolution of 3840X2160 our target resolution is 3840X2160 we are facing the problem with setting reference display resolution in z provider script when i change the reference display resolution to custom and add the resolution values as 3840X2160 in the script z display it should select the custom display profiles given in Enum profiler but it always selects ZDisplay.ReferenceProfile as Profile.Size24InchAspect16x9 no matter what value is selected in the reference display resolution it always sets this value how am i suppose to understand the usage of the different types of display reference resolutions and display size. and if our target resolution is 3840X2160 then what is recommended option to use 24inch size or 15 inch size for only z space inspire laptops. and if there is any documentation or any support link where i can find all the details about this topic please provide the guidance .

Hi Gautam,

The reference profile is for determining an appropriate “DisplayScaleFactor” at runtime and edit time. This is an internal value that ensures apps appear the same size relative to the size of the display rather than to the real world. Without it, scenes would appear smaller on bigger screens and bigger on smaller screens because the scene would stay at a constant scale relative to the real-world rather than relative to the display.

I suspect that you may be thinking of the reference profile as a way to preview what your app will look like on the different hardware sizes, but this is not the case.

Simply put, just match the display reference profile to the type of zSpace hardware that you have available for development. If you have AIO units, set it to 24 inch, if you have Inspire units, set it to 15 inch.

Here is a more detailed explanation.

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