Zspace not working

I installed zCore 6.0.2 into a unity project for unity 2019.4.32.
I followed you instruction for using the version 6 plugins in unity
I made a build of the scene 03_ZCameraRig_ZFrame
I ran the build and there was no stereoscopic effect. It was just an ordinary 3d app.

Do I maybe have to activate a licence or something?
I saw there is an app called zView installed and when I run it its asking for a licence activation. Where do I get this from?

Okay I figured this out. I wasn’t using the polarizing glasses. There was another pair of glasses in the box the screen came with I was using by mistake.

Hi Paul,

Sorry for the wait. I’m glad the stereo issue was nothing serious.

zView does require a license. Please contact support@zspace.com