zSpace Support the URP?

When creating URP project on zSpace, the editor works normally, there is fog effect on right eye after packing, what is the reason?

Hi Yimuqingshui,

We don’t support URP, so we haven’t experienced this issue yet. Unless you can share a project that replicates the issue, our support will be limited.

Alex S.

  • You can create your own URP infrastructure project to test

We will provide URP support when we have time to do so. We have no projected date for when this will happen. Until then, you will have to get by with the render pipeline expertise that you have in-house.

The reason it’s not working for you is actually unrelated to zCore itself. zCore simply handles tracking and camera frustum geometry. Unity’s built-in support for quad-buffered stereo is relied upon for drawing to the left and right eye buffers correctly. Essentially, URP breaks Unity’s own quad-buffered stereo. Unless you are experienced enough to write your own stereo implementation, I strongly recommend avoiding URP until we get around to supporting it ourselves.