ZSUnityPlugin.dll belongs to which version of zspace unity plugin?

Is there any one know ZSUnityPlugin.dll belongs to which version of zspace unity plugin? and where can find this plugin? Thanks!

I can’t recall a dll with that particular name. Where did it come from? Why not just use the dll that’s already combined with the available plugins?

Hi, Alex,

I find that the APPs like AnatomyApp.exe(develpoed by unity 4.3, 2013) can show 3D scene at the same time with both zspace and 3D projector, which maybe very useful for teaching. So I was wondering if you can find out this version of zspace unity plugin and the corresponding documents and samples.
Attached is the picture of plugins used in AnatomyApp. Thanks!

I’ll ask around after Labor Day.

Hi, Alex,

Have you found this version SDK? Thanks!

Hi zzdmsc,

I wasn’t successful in finding such an old build of our sdk. Unfortunately we just don’t have the time or resources to roll back our sdk that far to revive such an old iteration.

Rolling back to such old versions is unlikely to work with our current system software versions.

The only advice I can give would be to either modify our existing Unity plugin to operate as you desire, or to write an alternative plugin with our Native SDK which is what our Unity plugins are based on.

Alex S.

Hi, Alex,

Thank you very much for your valuable information!
Would you please send me a website to download zScore 3.0?